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Oct 6, 2018

Doctor Who and the Necessary Evil

Set in the time of the 4th Doctor, the Master changes a fixed point in time which threatens the future of the Time Lords. Only the Doctor and Sarah are in the right position to put things right on the infamous planet Skaro.

Written and Directed by Richard Frohlich. Voice talent: David Novinski, Lois Leftwich, Reg Platt,

Larry Grobe, Ken Raney, Dona Safran, Bryan Douglas, AJ Glendenning

Produced in cooperation with the Grapevine Public Library, The British Emporium and RF Media.

Recorded in front of a studio audience October 8th, 2017 at the Grapevine Public Library, Grapevine, TX

The Texas Radio Theatre does not claim ownership of the characters or fictional universe of Doctor Who, nor that the story and situation is part of official story canon. This work is intended only for entertainment, the actors and crew volunteered their time, the performance and resulting recording is available for free and no financial profit was derived from this production. We thank the producers, writers and actors of the Doctor Who series for creating such a rich world where almost anything is possible.