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Oct 10, 2009

Schlock Audio and Texas Radio Theatre have teamed up a second time to poke holes in the cheesiest efforts of cinema.  Our newest target is the cheaply made, yet admirably ambitious "Teenagers from Outer Space" (1959 - Tom Graeff)

Hosts Victor and Begore take you on an audio journey through the finer points (and holes) of the (alleged) plot, in half the time it takes you to get through the actual film.  

It was adapted by Charles E Pratt Jr.  It was directed recorded and edited by Richard Frohlich and featured the voice Talents of Reg Platt as Victor, Grandpa, Captain and Cop 1 / Bryan Douglas as Begore / Bryan Lockette as Derek / Kelly Scott as Betty /  Larry Groebe as Thor, Astronomer and Cop 2 / Richard Milla as the Gas Station Attendant, Morel and Joe / Susan McMath Platt as Saul, an anonymous car driver  and the Power Guy / Robert Clover Brown as Dr. Mason, Dr Johnson and Supreme Excellence / Ken Raney as the Driver of Thor's Ride and an unnamed detective / Margo Copel as Alice / And Finally Mitch Carr as the Radio Announcer.

Thank you for listening to Schlock Audio Theatre - please visit for more information about future productions, and links to past shows.

Enjoy the cheesy goodness, and remember to strap those audio goggles on - it never hurts to be too careful.

This Production - © 2008 Charles E Pratt Jr.