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Jul 26, 2010

The Texas Radio Theatre Company in cooperation with the Arlington Museum of Art present:
"Sherlock Holmes and the Final Problem"

Adapted by Julie Barrett
Directed by Richard Frohlich

Featuring the voice talents of:
Robert Clover Brown
Margot Copel
David Grant
Sheela Kadam
Bryan Lockett
Richard Milla
Spencer Prokop,
and Ken Raney

Live sound effects by Ken Raney.  Original Music courtesy of Lucien Désar
Recorded in front of a studio audience in November 2007

The Texas Radio Theatre presents an audio adaptation of one of Sherlock Homles' most notorious cases, featuring literature's first super villain - Professor James Moriarty. How great must Holmes' sacrifice be to rid the world of such a complete and diabolical menace? 

This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Spencer Prokop.

Part 2 of 3
Runtime approximately 14:40     16.8MB

© 2007 Richard Frohlich