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Dec 15, 2007

"A Trailer Trash Christmas Carol"
by Jamie and Eric Knapp

Recorded in front of a studio audience at the Contemporary Theatre of Dallas

Produced by Shannan Frohlich and the Texas Radio Theatre Company in cooperation with the Arlington Museum of Art and the Contemporary Theatre of Dallas

Directed and Engineered by Richard Frohlich

Featured in the cast were:  Adam Dietrich, Kevin Grammer, David Grant, Cyndi Matthews, Alice Montgomery, Dona Safran, Dixie Sedgwick and Kevin Thrasher

Live Sound effects were performed by Jenifer Parson, Hina Padhiar and Angie Payne.

Ken Raney was the program announcer.

Recorded December 2003

Length:  58 min, Size: 27.5 mb

The Texas Radio Theatre Company is dedicated to preserving the art of audio theatre where audience members are invited to create the story's imagery within their own mind.

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